Airstream Camper Christmas Cookies

I’m dedicating this post to a new friend. Duffy, this one is for you. Duffy and I met in a little bar in Venice, California last December. I was staying in Santa Monica for a photo shoot. Duffy is a former Minnesotan. A mutual friend sat us down on a couple of bar stools and the rest is history. We immediately recognized in each other a love for all things delicious and beautiful. Per my usual MO, I shared my ambitious plans for holiday cookies upon my return to Minnesota. I’d arrive home on Dec 20th, FOUR days to pull off some elaborately decorated Airstream camper christmas cookies. Duffy went wild over the idea and insisted that I follow through and send him photos of the completed project. My verbal response: “Sure thing!” The voice in my head: No worries. He’ll forget about it and I won’t be held accountable if the cookies don’t turn out, right? Well, I was wrong. Mid-flight on my return trip home a text arrives “Airstream!!” Okay, Duff. I’m on it.

I didn’t have any time to waste, so I kept this design really simple. A classic camper deserves classic cookie recipe and retro decorations, right? I flooded the campers with royal icing and gave them a quick spray with Chef Master Edible Silver Spray. The wreaths are royal icing transfers that I made separately on wax paper with a small star tip. A single silver nonpareil adds a finishing touch. The old-fashioned Christmas lights are royal icing. A little dab is all it takes. I used a toothpick to elongate the round dab for that classic C9 bulb shape.

I used the same technique on the trees. I did the sockets on the mini bulbs first and sprayed them with the silver spray before flooding them with colored icing.

The campers received rave reviews from family (all very much into camping, though none of us own an airstream *sad*) and new friends. Duffy’s response to my photo: “Oh my god!!! Amazing. Thank you for sending, so great to meet u, give MN my love, Merry Xmas!”

The holiday cookie season is right around the corner and I’m headed back to Santa Monica in early October. I’d say that’s the perfect time to sit on a bar stool and make ambitious plans for holiday cookies with a fabulous new friend. Wouldn’t you?


  1. Yum Girl 2016-12-13 at 6:45 pm

    These are adorable! I have really enjoyed approving all your special cookies today – such great detail in every one. Your grandmother’s honey cookies and those polar bear ones? wonderful! I don’t have the patience to do any of that. I can’t feature every single one but I wish I could! 🙂 Kelli at YG

    1. Jes Lahay 2016-12-13 at 10:24 pm

      Thanks Kelli! No worries that you can’t feature all of my submissions from this week. I’m just trying to refresh some older holiday content. ‘Tis the season for cutout cookies! I hope you find time to make a few of your own. They don’t have to be fancy!


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