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Girly Evergreen Trees

These girly evergreen trees were inspired by this tree pinned from Good Things by David. These gingerbread trees were cut using one of five collectible Martha by Mail copper “evergreen” cookie cutters. I have two, and used the other one last week for these snowy evergreen trees.

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Snowy Evergreen Trees

These snowy evergreen trees were inspired by the Martha by Mail evergreen cookie cutters and the cute little booklet that accompanies them. I wasn’t into baking when Martha was mailing exclusive copper cookie cutters to kitchens all over the country. So I don’t have any of her original copper cutters. But I am resourceful and determined. I set out to learn more about the famous (and now highly collectible) copper gems. It turns out, Martha’s copper cookie cutters were a collaboration with Michael Bonne, a world renowned coppersmith. David Pantoja tells us all about their partnership on his awesome blog Good Things by David.

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Mystic Pumpkin Cookies

Got gold? I can’t seem to get enough! My mystic pumpkin cookies were inspired by these gilded pumpkin cookies by Jessica at Hello Baked and these gilded pumpkin cookies by Melissa Johnson at Best Friends for Frosting. Warm gray and glam gold strike the perfect balance of earth and sun. I picture these pumpkins in a foggy patch with slivers of light bouncing off their gilded leaves.

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