Gingerbread Owl Cutouts

owls_bannerThanksgiving is my holiday. It’s not that I’ve always been into turkeys and such. It became my holiday by default. My brother and his wife live on a lake so 4th of July is their holiday (for obvious reasons). Christmas is still a tradition that takes place at my childhood home, now referred to as The Lodge, and Easter has always been my sister’s thing. So, Thanksgiving it is for me. Which, in hindsight, makes perfect sense. I love to cook, I love the cuddle-up-ness of a crisp fall afternoon, and I love to share food with people I love.


I serve a straight up traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but I always experiment with the treats. These little hoot owls are no exception. I pinned these owls from when I first started to work with Royal Icing. I mentally filed them under the advanced category in my brain, thinking someday I’ll be that good. So, I used them as an assignment. I didn’t have the confidence to veer off on my own and modify the design. I copied Callye as closely as I could using a tulip cookie cutter for the shape and building the owls section by section. Not too bad. The cookie recipe is one that my Grandmother favored from Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book (copyright 1950): Merry Christmas Cookies. It’s the “dark” version of her famed Christmas cut out cookie. If I could only keep 2 cutout recipes this would be one of them. It’s perfectly spicy and pairs well with your favorite fall flavors like Chai tea, apple cider, and of course, pumpkin pie. Mmmm, Thanksgiving.

Special thanks to Callye at for the amazing inspiration!

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