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Boho Mini Cakes

These boho mini layer cakes were inspired by the sunny, carefree bohemian style showing up… well, basically everywhere. Not that I’m complaining. What’s not to love? Bring on the dream catchers, desert flowers, feathers and macrame!…

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Mystic Pumpkin Cookies

Got gold? I can’t seem to get enough! My mystic pumpkin cookies were inspired by these gilded pumpkin cookies by Jessica at Hello Baked and these gilded pumpkin cookies by Melissa Johnson at Best Friends for Frosting. Warm gray and glam gold strike the perfect balance of earth and sun. I picture these pumpkins in a foggy patch with slivers of light bouncing off their gilded leaves.

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Irish Monogram Cookies

I grew up in Dublin. Okay, that’s not even close to true. I grew up in New London, Wisconsin. A quiet little town that annually undergoes a magical transformation in the middle of March when leprechauns change the city’s…

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