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Snowy Evergreen Trees

These snowy evergreen trees were inspired by the Martha by Mail evergreen cookie cutters and the cute little booklet that accompanies them. I wasn’t into baking when Martha was mailing exclusive copper cookie cutters to kitchens all over the country. So I don’t have any of her original copper cutters. But I am resourceful and determined. I set out to learn more about the famous (and now highly collectible) copper gems. It turns out, Martha’s copper cookie cutters were a collaboration with Michael Bonne, a world renowned coppersmith. David Pantoja tells us all about their partnership on his awesome blog Good Things by David.

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red velvet independence day cupcakes! I’ve got 24 of these cuties packed for the holiday weekend at the lake. And I can’t wait! The air will be warm and the water cool. The grill will be smoking…

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Organic Shamrocks

If I’m ever in a funk my husband sends me to whole foods market. Why? Because I invariably come back from there feeling great. My first experience at WFM was in California about this time of year. The days were…

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